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What did we do? We bought a new camper!

The beginning  Since the early days of our relationship, my husband and I have loved camping! We spent many vacations going to the Outer Banks or music festivals. It only took a few trips for us to invest in our first camper, a 1973 Tag-a-long.  It was small and didn't have a bathroom, but we spent many hours and gallons of sweat renovating it. When we finished, we were very happy.  Fast forward ten years later, we have two small children (2 and 4 years old) and the Tag-a-long isn't big enough for all of us. We knew we wanted to keep camping as a family so we had to do something, and like all good things, it started with research. Sadly, we couldn't find much information about the best travel trailers for families, and that's why we decided to start this blog!  I'm happy to report that we ended up purchasing a Coachmen Viking BHS17 and WE LOVE IT! We hope to share all of our family travels, hacks, tips, tricks and recipes with you!