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You are in the middle of nowhere, but keep going!

You are in the middle of nowhere, but keep going! I don’t know about you, but when I’m planning a trip, I devour research. I read every review available, whether it’s for a cruise, a 5-star hotel or a campground. I want to know everything there is to know about a place before I go. Sometimes it’s useful, sometimes it’s not. On this trip to Virginia Landing Campground, it was useful, but I didn’t quite trust my memory. After driving down a very long narrow road through a small town called Quinby, my GPS said, “you have arrived at your destination,” but my destination was nowhere in sight. That’s when I vaguely recalled one review that said just keep going even though GPS says not too. Despite that recollection, we turned around, and it wasn’t until we saw a small sign pointing back the way we had first gone that we realized what happened. Despite that little roadblock, Virginia Landing did not disappoint. We arrived to find the place nearly empty. We picked a beaut

Camping on the Beach at Fort Monroe

Mental note… when planning a camping trip to the beach, try to do it during the summer! My husband and I discovered the campground on Fort Monroe in Hampton a few years back. It’s called The Colonies and it’s just steps away from a small beach on the Chesapeake Bay. Each site is named after one of the original 13 colonies, but it also has a more basic section in a field called New France. It’s hard to believe, but even in March, with temperatures near 35 degrees, the colony section was completely full! We were able to get a spot in New France with a nice view of the water. Despite the biting wind and quickly setting sun, we made our way to check out the water! Millie jumped around in the sand, enjoying every minute (I could only stand about 5 minutes) but it was pretty. It was a very quiet and well-maintained campground. We spent the next morning checking out three different playgrounds nearby. While they weren’t new and some were a bit declining in health, many of them wer