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Camper Hack: Make it feel like home

Your camper might never be quite as comfortable as home, but it should be welcoming enough to make you want to come back. There's no point in spending so much money on a travel trailer if you don't use it. One item that really helped make the camper feel a little more like home was this  Ruggable carpet . You guys, there are too many reasons to list why this item is a must have! First, we all know camper floors get crazy dirty! All the mud and sand that gets tracked inside is ridiculous. I feel like all we do is sweep. Well after each trip, you can lift the carpet up, wash it, and put it back.  Thanks to the bottom mat, the carpet also stays in place, which is very helpful with kids running around. If you camp in cold weather, the rug is also a lifesaver for cold feet. We tried just using slippers, but slippers for a family of four take up a lot of room in a travel trailer. If you want one item to make your camper feel more like home, this is it! Sleep is a ver

Camper Hack: Best ways to save space in cabinets

I have spent hours researching the best shelving units to maximize space in small camper cabinets. Do they need to be tall, short, flexible or slide? There are so many options. The Simple Houseware 2-tier basket system was my first runner up. I appreciated that the baskets slid out, but it wasn’t quite as deep as I was hoping for. I was so tempted to keep the Surpah’s Expandable Shelf because it has removable parts that work around pipes under the sink. I needed something a bit bigger, but I really did like the flexibility of it. I also looked at the Lynk Double Shelf Organizer . It had the sliding mechanism, but both shelves had to come out at the same time. It comes in several different sizes and is very sturdy, but I wanted easy access and for each drawer to come out separately. The reviews are also very good. In the end, I settled on the Household Essentials Glidez2-tier Shelf that gave me the freedom to slide the shelves out individually and it was just deep and wide e

Camper Hack #1: Command Strips

After our first trip in the camper I knew we needed to make some organizational updates. I am an efficiency expert and I want to make sure every square inch of space is utilized while still keeping a comfortable and homey feel. We made a few adjustments each trip and now we are planning our first big voyage for spring and I want to make sure everything is ready! The camper hack we are focusing on today: COMMAND STRIPS. They are your very best friend. And would you believe almost everything can be used with a command strip? Towel bars Toilet paper holders Storage containers Paper Towel holders Broom and cleaning supply holders The list goes on, and on, and on! Here are just a few of my favorite Command Strip items we have working now: The command strip key holder is a MUST for every camper. And this one with the container attached is awesome. We ended up using it so much that we also purchased a cell phone container to go next to it. This will be new for spring and

Loving Lake Gaston

When we purchased our camper we received a free, one-year membership to Thousand Trails . If you haven't heard of it, it's a membership club that gives you some great benefits, including free stays at more than 80 campgrounds in 22 states! If you camp for more than one week a year, it's definitely worth the investment. We knew we wanted to take advantage of it and we were beyond excited to see the Lake Gaston RV Resort on the list!  We had always heard amazing things about camping at Lake Gaston and this resort did not disappoint! This was the view from our spot. We were able to drive right in and find it. There were also great activities for families. Almost every day there were at least two arts and crafts available as well as a pool party and a dance party every week! Millie, who manages to make friends wherever we go, made a new best friend within minutes! I think Woody's favorite part of all was the ice cream social. We just sprayed him down w