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Loving Lake Gaston

When we purchased our camper we received a free, one-year membership to Thousand Trails. If you haven't heard of it, it's a membership club that gives you some great benefits, including free stays at more than 80 campgrounds in 22 states! If you camp for more than one week a year, it's definitely worth the investment. We knew we wanted to take advantage of it and we were beyond excited to see the Lake Gaston RV Resort on the list! 

We had always heard amazing things about camping at Lake Gaston and this resort did not disappoint! This was the view from our spot. We were able to drive right in and find it.

There were also great activities for families. Almost every day there were at least two arts and crafts available as well as a pool party and a dance party every week! Millie, who manages to make friends wherever we go, made a new best friend within minutes!

I think Woody's favorite part of all was the ice cream social. We just sprayed him down with a hose when he was finished.

The lake views were absolutely stunning. We went on long walks, wagon rides, swam and floated in the water. It was glorious!

This trip completely convinced us that we need to become Thousand Trails members when our trial expires. If the other campgrounds are anything like this, we are in! We are even considering coming back to Lake Gaston for two weeks later this summer. A place has to be pretty great to get us to come back and for that long.


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