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Enjoying the outdoors at Hungry Mother State Park

If you need a little fresh, mountain air and a place to enjoy the great outdoors, Hungry Mother State Park is the spot! There are two areas to choose from, one for smaller RV’s and tents that’s closer to hiking trails and another that’s farther away, but gives you more space to spread out and has full hook-up sites. We spent the first half of spring break in Camp Burson, the section with bigger sites, and really enjoyed it. When we pulled up, we couldn’t believe how big some of the sites really were. It’s very hard to tell from the maps online. We were in spot 29 and I highly recommend it. The kids had plenty of room to roam around and Millie even learned how to ride her bike on the loop around the sites. While it wasn’t as “in the woods” as the lower campground, you still felt very close to nature. The bath house was one of the best we’ve ever used. They had individual rooms with showers and the bathrooms and stalls were very clean. We also took advantage of the

Camper Hack: Make the most of your space

It only took a few minutes to realize that we needed additional systems to make the most of our space, but it took about a year to find the best ways to utilize every square inch. Clothing… this particular model doesn’t have much cabinet or closet storage. During our first few trips I stored the kids’ clothes in a bin under the bunks, but it was definitely cumbersome to pull it out and put it back again, all while fighting with whatever my husband had stored under there. When I took the time to really examine what space was available, I realized that the ends of the bunks were basically wasted space. We purchased these stackable drawer/bins to put at the end of each bed. They are held in place with a bungee cord when in route. I wasn’t initially going to get one this big, but when I realized we could probably store toys and shoes, I was all in! On our first trip we decided to store our clothes under the main bed. That got old very quickly. With all the sheets, blankets, p

Grills, griddles and flat tops, oh my!

We have always packed a small table-top grill for our camping trips, but when we upgraded our camper we thought we should also update our grill. We did a ton of research. We knew we wanted a gas grill, but it needed to be portable and collapsible. After reading more reviews than I could remember we purchased the Coleman RoadTrip LXX Portable Propane Grill . I loved the tables on the side and the fact that it collapsed. I also purchased the flat top grill to go with it. After the first trip we were pretty pleased with it, but over time it started to feel like a lot of work. While it folded down to a transportable size, the grills kept falling out and it was hard to maneuver. While we could deal with that, there was one issue we couldn't. On several occasions the the top actually latched on to the bottom while we were cooking and we couldn’t open it up. One time it took about 15 minutes to pry it open with a screwdriver and as you can guess, the food was ruined. The search