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A campground made for kids

We only had a short visit to Misty Mountain Camp Resort but the kids enjoyed every last minute. When we first planned the stop near Charlottesville, I envisioned leisurely winery tours and stops at craft breweries, but with two small children that was not the case. We spent the majority of our time at the campground watching the children have the time of their lives. Misty Mountain has two main campgrounds. There’s an upper campground that’s a bit more wooded and gives you that authentic outdoors feel and a lower area that is more of an open field, but it’s right next to all of the action. You can walk to the playground, laundry, camp store and the world’s most amazing jumping pad. I’m not exaggerating when I say that we had to pull the children off of the jumping pad kicking and screaming every day. There was also a nearby stream for fishing or wading. The spots that were next to the stream were some of the best in the campground. I highly recommend them if you can go with