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COVID causes big changes for camping

Like many people across the country, when COVID hit, we had to cancel all of our travel plans. But after two months in the house with the kids, the camper started calling our name. While we wanted to get out, we wanted to do it safely. Our solution was trying out a seasonal site for the first time. We looked at a few different spots and when campgrounds started opening in May, we booked a spot for the summer at the Chesapeake Bay KOA near Cape Charles, Va. 

We were having a great time, but after camping every weekend for the first month we realized that we needed more room. Our kids were getting bigger and while we loved our Viking, it was time to upgrade. With the camping boom of 2020 it was actually hard to find the right RV, but we got lucky and scored an awesome Passport 267 at TAC RV in North Carolina. The double-sized bunks, bigger bathroom, couch, and bed where nobody had to crawl over the other to get out was worth every penny. It also came with a ton of storage space, but it meant we had to start all over again with our hacks. We had just gotten the Viking to exactly where we wanted it. We were having too much fun at the pool and the beach during the summer to get much done.

We pretty much lived in the camper from Mid-July to September. The kids had a blast with their bigger bunks and most importantly, USB charging stations in their bed. It was a great decision to upgrade and we sold the old camper for exactly what we owed on it in less than 24 hours. Thanks to interest rates our payments are nearly the same and we have much more room. While we loved our permanent spot at the Chesapeake Bay KOA, we definitely missed traveling to different spots. Because so many people have recently purchased campers, we went ahead and scheduled all of our trips for the year. 
Among the spots we will be visiting are Douthat National State Park, Jellystone at Luray, Hatteras KOA, Massey's Landing, Frontier Land, Devil's Backbone and our favorite, BethPage! We promise to write reviews for each campground and share our favorite new camping hacks along the way.

Now tell us, did you recently upgrade or have you tried a seasonal site? We'd love to know what you think! 


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