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Peel and stick backsplash hacks

From the day we purchased our new Passport 267bh, I have been dreaming about updating the backsplash. We love the camper and there are so many upgrades that come with the base model, but I have always loved the look of subway tiles. Putting them in the camper was almost a trial run for our kitchen.  I'm here today to tell you the truth about peel and stick backsplash tiles.  I kept seeing Facebook posts in every camping group saying how easy it was, but I was skeptical. It turns out, I had a reason to be skeptical. This project wasn't easy, but I didn't give up and I learned a lot along the way. I think the end product turned out great.  Here are a few hacks if you decide to give it a try: Don't be afraid to cut the tiles with sharp scissors. I tried a box cutter and it didn't work. The scissors worked just fine.  Put in the bottom row first. We initially started from bottom to top and that created many issues as the project moved along. Once you have the bottom row

They call it Sunset Beach for a reason

We visited the Cape Charles KOA , formerly known as Sunset Beach, for the first time in August of 2019. We liked it so much that we became permanent residents in 2020. We have since gone back to the traveling lifestyle, but we truly enjoyed our time at this campground.  The most attractive thing about it is its proximity to the beach. The sites are just a short walk away from the sand and shallow water of the Chesapeake Bay. It can get crowded, so you want to make sure to put down chairs early to save a spot. The campground is located right on a sandbar, so for most of the day the water is lower than waist deep. It’s a great place for kids to play and float all day long.  Right next to the beach is a fun outdoor restaurant called The Jackspot Beachside CafĂ© . The food was good, but you can’t beat the view. There’s nothing liking eating dinner or having a drink while watching the sun go down. Among our favorite meals were the steamed shrimp, coconut shrimp, fish tacos and camper’s chick

The Easter Bunny comes to the campground, but what does he bring?

We have spent many Easter celebrations at campgrounds across Virginia because the holiday usually lines up with the school spring break schedule. Despite that, the Easter Bunny always manages to find us. Traditionally, Easter baskets are filled with candy, but if you have children, you know that a sugar-filled child locked in a camper during a rain storm can wreak havoc on your rig and your sanity! For that reason, we “asked” the very generous bunny to start bringing child-friendly camping items, not just jelly beans and chocolate made in his likeness.  Here are a few of the items he has brought over the years that have helped avoid major meltdowns. When we go camping, we try not to bring the iPads, so any outdoor games are always a good idea. These yard dice are always fun and I like to think of it as math disguised as a game. Many people bring corn hole boards, but we often run out of room and the boards are heavy, so this bean bag toss is a great replacement. It’s lighter and it

Beautiful views at the Outer Banks West KOA

We recently visited the Outer Banks West - Currituck Sound KOA and it was absolutely amazing! We've never been to another campground with such great water views. Here's a full video review of our experience. From the moment we walked into what seemed like a brand new welcome center, we knew this was going to be a good trip. Everyone was so kind and check out this view from inside. It was raining at the time, but I had to snap a pic. Being close to the water wasn't the only great thing about this KOA. The playground was a massive tower and the kids spent every waking moment asking to go back.  Despite bad weather the night before, the managers blew up the bounce pad and the kids jumped out every last ounce of energy, which made for a very peaceful night of sleep!  If you don't have a camper, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy this campground. They have tent spots, RVs for rent as well as cottages. Check out the video above to take a closer look at those.  We will